About us

The beginnings of the family business dates back to the distant year 1818, when the great-great-grandfather Kljun family started producing the so-called "suho robo", while based on the current business officially set up until the time of Yugoslavia. In 2008, the company registered legal form l.l.c. and renamed in Kljun International, which today represents quality and reliability in the wood processing industry. A company that is constantly evolving and successfully adapting to the demanding market of the wood processing industry, produces small and medium-products from sawn timber.




KLJUN international d.o.o

Sajevec 8a, 1310 Ribnica Slovenija

Telefon: 01/ 83 63 126 Faks: 01/ 83 73 072 Mobitel: 070-842-642

email: info@kljun.si



KLJUN international d.o.o

Obrtna Cona ugar 17, 1310 Ribnica Slovenija

Phone: 01/ 83 63 126


KLJUN international d.o.o

Kušlanova 27, 10000 Zagreb Croatia

Telefon: 01/6443-700


KLJUN international d.o.o

Makenzijeva 53, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Telefon: 011/4056-882