About us

Wood is one of the oldest materials man ever started to use. Even my forefathers were able to craft its qualities into useful wooden items with their skilful hands. Already in 1492 they were given the imperial permission for commerce with homemade wooden products, the so called “suha roba”.
Knowledge and continuous improvement of wooden products, passed from generation to generation, are responsible for the formation of our family company Kljun International d.o.o.
Tradition, quality, resourcefulness, reliability, and competitiveness are only a few virtues of our company, which have contributed to our presence in the market even with the today’s flood of other artificial materials.




KLJUN international d.o.o

Sajevec 8a, 1310 Ribnica Slovenija

Telefon: 01/ 83 63 126 Faks: 01/ 83 73 072 Mobitel: 070-842-642

email: info@kljun.si



KLJUN international d.o.o

Obrtna Cona ugar 17, 1310 Ribnica Slovenija

Phone: 01/ 83 63 126


KLJUN international d.o.o

Kušlanova 27, 10000 Zagreb Croatia

Telefon: 01/6443-700


KLJUN international d.o.o

Makenzijeva 53, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Telefon: 011/4056-882